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Hilton Head / Savannah

We just had a wonderful trip to Hilton Head with my parents. They were nice enough to invite us to stay at their timeshare for a wonderfully relaxing 5 days.

We flew into Savannah, and started off our trip with lunch at Paula Deen’s “Lady and Sons”.  Yummy!

On our way to Hilton Head we crossed the Talmadge Memorial Bridge. It is quite a site to see.

The resort was really nice. We were only about 1/4 mile from the beach and had a gorgeous view from the patio.

There was wildlife everywhere, herons, ducks, crabs, fish, turtles.

The water was warm and the weather was perfect.

I had never been to an east-coast beach, and it didn’t disappoint. It looked exactly as I’d imagined from t.v.

There were some amazing live oaks.

The salt marshes were also something to see. These fill up when the tide comes in and then empty as it goes out. They are one of the most productive eco-systems on earth.

I’m getting sleepy, but wanted to post Savannah pics real quick.

Stairs up from River St

The Cotton Exchange

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist

Can’t remember the name or significance of this bell, but so pretty I thought I’d include it

WWII Memorial

Wall on River St. My daughter took this picture.

Thanks mom and dad for a great visit!


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I don’t know why I didn’t discover it until now. What’s not to love about a plant that produces lots of tiny pink butterflies? I’ve seen white as well, but it doesn’t have the same pop as the pink.

Pink Gaura

When I planted the gaura this spring I just liked the foilage. I had no idea it would be so pretty. I have this plan in mostly sun. It gets some shade in the afternoon.

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We were gone for five days to Hilton Head and returned to find the ducklings and chicks all grown up. There were also two new chicks waiting for us.

Ducklings out in the yard with all of the full size chickens and ducks.

Maribel’s baby chick. Cutest chick ever!

Daisy Mae’s chick

Pictures of our 4-5 week old chicks. The mommas no longer pay any attention to them and the rest of the chickens seem to be ignoring them as well.

Our Roan is sitting on about 15 eggs. These have a week or so left. She has now completely buried the eggs. When she gets up all you see if a pile of leaves and dirt.

Sitting on eggs

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