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I had plans for making an eggnog cake. I’m not much of a baker, as I don’t much care for following instructions. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but the cake refused to come out of the pan … and we had guests arriving in about an hour.


So I improvised. Why trifle with a difficult dessert when you can just layer some canned peaches, cake pieces, and homemade whipped cream. I topped it off with some toasted pecans. I think it ended up better than the cake would have. The best part is that this dessert can be made with any number of fruits, and various types of cake.

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I’ve found that you don’t have to remove the entire brussel sprout plant at once. Instead, I snap off the lower-larger sprouts from each plant and let the smaller ones keep growing. These brussel sprouts came from around 5 different plants.


Chop up the brussel sprouts and dice an onion. I find that if you cut the sprouts in half, they are much more flavorful, as the increased surface area soaks in the juices.


Melt butter and olive oil over medium heat.


When melted, add the onions, brussel sprouts, some minced garlic, salt, pepper, and the juice of a lemon or two. (depends on your taste)

Depending on how soft you life the brussel sprouts, you can optionally cover them for a few minutes. This will steam them a bit.


Once the onions and brussel sprouts are soft, brown and the liquid has evaporated, they are good to go.


To finish off this dish, I cooked up some egg noodles and tossed them with the brussel sprout mixture and some parmesan cheese. I also served it with sauteed chicken breast.


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