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This garden was something to behold. It was our last garden on the tour, and we drove all well into Wisconsin for this beauty. After arriving the gardener and artist, DeRaad, insisted that we all take a tour. We split into two groups and I chose to DeRaad’s group and stayed close to the front, very interested to hear her story and the inspiration behind her art.


This one-armed sculpture was DeRaad’s first. She said that you could easily tell her early figures by the hand-drawn face, since theĀ self-taught sculptor had not yet learned how to craft facial features. At some point a branch fell and broke snapped the arm from this fellow. She creatively dealt with the problem.

I then asked the artist what inspired her to begin mosaics and sculpting. She said that potters previously resided in the 1800 farmhouse and flawed pottery had been broken against the trees. When she found the broken pieces she decided to do something with them, and her mosaic work began.

The garden was a walk through time, marked by these incredible arches, the last one I managed to catch my friend Diana (from SharingNaturesGarden).

DeRaad also had an assortment of colorful benches. She showed us how to make benches, specifically how to make them strong enough to support 20 people. She insisted that it is so easy, and we all can do it. I’m a little skeptical!

The artist clearly is fascinated with birds. Avian sculptures from flamingos to chickens to woodpeckers dotted the landscape.


These birds are in the early stage. She is planning to add them to a bench she’s working on.


This very personal sculpture was created in honor of her son. DeRaad said her son has always been a bit of a daredevil and has been near death several times. On one of these occasions, when she wasn’t sure if he’d pull through, she poured her heart into her work.


This stunning farmhouse actually belongs to the neighbors. How lucky to have such an incredible backdrop.

Finishing off with a few more favorites.




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