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>Spring To-Do List

>My garden has been so neglected. With football in the fall, this sporadically cold winter, and helping my friends build a gazebo every other saturday, I haven’t done much besides watering. Unfortunately, with our lack of rain, this has been more than I’d like. I’m just starting to realize how quickly spring is coming and I have a ton of things on my plate. I thought I’d put a list together of everything I need to do.

X 1. Plant spring seeds. (I bought a heat mat, seeds, and starter kit yesterday, so I’m not far off)
X 2. Dig out blackberry beds along creek
X 3. Dig hole and plant kumquat tree
X 4. Dig out 3 4×8 sections for new raised beds
X 5. Install raised beds and bag compost/soil/mulch
6. Find spot for strawberry plants and get them planted.
X 7. Prune Roses (Feb 14)
8. Find, purchase and plant limequat tree
Update – having trouble finding one, not sure if this is going to happen
9. Find, purchase and plant pomegranate bush
Update – haven’t convinced DH that we must have one, might not happen this year
10. Dig out beds along fence in backyard
11. Clean up existing beds, mulch, add weed blocker
12. Install drip system for new beds
13. Move 3×3 raised bed
Update – waiting until onions are ready. 2 popped up unexpectedly from last years plantings.
X 14. Plant herb garden
No problem, piece of cake!

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