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Today I planted the 2 blackberry plants, 1 raspberry, and 1 dewberry. I planted them along the creek that runs through our yard. I figured this is where they would most likely exist in nature, so hopefully they will do well. I mixed the soil w/ compost, added some buds and blooms and mulched them.




I had gazebo duty this weekend, so didn’t get much garden work done, but I am slowly making progress on my to-do list. I bought some zucchini and squash seeds at the store last night, that I may try and plant tonight. I haven’t yet convinced DH that we should have a pomegranate tree/bush, so I’m not sure if that will happen this year. I’ll keep working on him 🙂
I know it’s bloom day, but I am sorry to say not much is blooming in my garden besides the broccoli! It’s not much, but the bees sure love it.

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