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I mentioned as one of my spring goals that I wanted to find a limequat tree. I didn’t have much luck and just crossed it off the list. Last week at The Natural Gardener I didn’t find a limequat tree, but I did find a lemonquat. I think that’s close enough. Turns out they were having a 40% off sale on all trees, so I picked up three citrus trees. All are Texas hardy, so I can plant them right in the ground. This is a requirement, since I already have the fun of moving my Meyer Lemon and Mexican Lime in and out.


Pineapple Orange (dwarf)

Otwari Satsuma (dwarf)
Meyer Lemon, just starting to ripen

Mexican Lime.
These taste more like an orange than a lime. I’m not sure if that is normal,
but they are extremely tasty.
I got a very useful tip from one of the workers at The Natural Gardener. She showed me a shoot that was coming up from the base one of the trees. It looked very green and healthy, but the leaves were a bit different, three parts to it, rather than the one big leaf of the tree. She said these would suck up all of the tree’s energy and should be plucked off. I recognized them from my lemon tree. This year the lime has been doing much better than the lemon and I wasn’t sure why. Turns out it was these shoots. I plucked them off this week (a few were so big I had to cut them) and the lemon tree is thriving.

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