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>Flower Pics



Bluebonnets being pollinated

Texas Star

Shasta Daisy

Living Easy Rose

First Knockout Rose of the season

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The pillbugs in my garden are completely out of control. There have to be millions of them. I tried the beer trick, but there are just way too many of them. I accidentally tried duct tape, which captured a few hundred, but didn’t put a dent in the population. I questioned whether it was the straw mulch, but determined that wasn’t the issue. I tried leaving the soil exposed for a few weeks to see if they would leave on their own, nope.

The issue with the pillbugs is that they chowdown on young seedlings as well as eating bean seedlings before they can even come up from the ground. I finally went to the Natural Gardener, since my home remedies have failed miserably. They recommended Sluggo. I’m giving it a try and will post on my results.

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>Citrus Status


The citrus trees are varying in stages from a handful of shoots (due to barely escaping the winter), to ripening fruit, to sweet smelling buds.

I was about to give up on the fruit, but it does seem to be softening, so I’ll give it more time, especially since the tree is producing buds even with the existing fruit.



Mexican Lime.
I decided this winter that all citrus in the yard would have to survive the winter or they would be replaced. Even though the mexican lime is in a pot I decided not to cover it or bring it inside. I fully expected this tree to bite the dust, but instead it is doing better than any of the others.
I am very confused, but happy!
The meyer lemon and pineapple orange have a few new branches. The kumquat has new leaves, but no buds yet.

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