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Suyo Long
Not sure if you can tell from this picture, but this baby cucumber is really long. The tag says they get to be 15″! It’s amazing how much of a difference I can already see between this variety and the others.

Sweet Slice
I have two of these plants. (You can kind of see the other in the background). These have really done nothing. I’m hoping they take off at some point, but right now they are just wasting valuable real estate. The one has at least grabbed hold of the trellis, but barely. I’m interested to see if I get any production out of them.

Suyo Long

This one has taken off vertically and seems to be doing pretty well. It has produced a few baby cucs so far and is flowering well.

National Pickling

Seems to like horizontal more than vertical and ignores any efforts at training it to go in a specific direction. It does have a few baby cucs and is flowering though, so I can’t complain too much.

General Lee
This one is growing off very well and has taken to the trellis. You can see it also seems to prefer the horizontal direction. I have three plants all heading for the exact same corner, must be something about the morning sun.


Doing well and seems to be a vertical climber, which I am very happy about.


All six of these have fruit.

La Roma

Neither of the two have fruit, but one has some pretty good flowers. I didn’t think there would be much of a difference between Roma and La Roma, but apparently there is.

Black Cherry
These and the Sun Golds have maturing fruit, good plant growth and lots of flowers.

Yellow Pear Cherry

I have two of these and one just got it’s first fruit today. I’ve had luck with these in the past, so I’m not too stressed about their late start.

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