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Our Toad

The rain brings out our pet toad. He’s been living under the sidewalk for at least a year.

Can you spot him?


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Spring Garden

I thought it was well past time to post on the veggies I have growing this season.

Tomatoes were planted March 3rd. It is the earliest I have ever planted them, and a big gamble. I did have to cover them 2 weekends in a row, but they seem to be doing well.

Tomatoes and Peppers

Tomato Varieties: Roma (12) , Amish Paste (4), Cherokee Purple (4), Green Zebra (2), Violet Jasper (2), Riesentraube (2), Dr. Wyche’s Yellow (2), Emerald Evergreen (2), Fox Cherry (2), Isis Candy Cherry (2), Black Cherry (2), Yellow Pear (2), Tomatillo – not really a tomato (6)


Peppers were planted the 17th and 24th.

Filius Blue



Other pepper Varieties: Red Cheese, Sweet Chocolate Bell, Ozark Giant Bell, Emerald Giant Bell, Chinese 5 color, Craig’s Grande Jalapeno, Mustard/Red/Chocolate Habaneros.

All of these germinated well except for the red cheese. Out of 10 attempts I only got one plant.


Beans were planted the 24th. This year I actually followed the instructions on the seed packets and soaked the seeds for 2 hours before planting. I noticed a huge improvement in the time it took for the seedlings to sprout. I only have a few that haven’t popped up yet, and I believe it’s due to the differences in varieties. I created this new bed along the original cross fence. I thought I’d put up some fishing line and let the beans go crazy.

New Bean Bed

Bean Varieties: Bolita, Monkey Tail Cowpea, Rattlesnake Pole, Dragon Tongue, Mccaslan 42 Pole, Roma II, Golden Wax

I am most excited about the Bolita. It claims to be tastier than pinto beans. It is a very popular in New Mexico, so hopefully it can handle a little humidity.


Cucumbers and melons were planted on the 24th as well.

Cucs and Melons


Last Year's Watermelon. This plant was strong enough to survive the winter, the least I can do is give it the chance produces fruit.

Cucumber Varieties: Japanese Long, Parisian Pickling, Lemon, Ruby Wallace’s Old Time White

Melon Varieties: Musk, Sugar Baby


The okra is still waiting to be planted. I have so many carrots going, that I thought I’d give them until the beginning of April to see what they can do.

Carrot Bed


Okra and Amaranth seedlings waiting for transplant

Okra Varieties: Clemson Spineless, Bowling Red

Amaranth Varieties: Motten Fire, Joseph’s Coat Perfecta



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I walked around the property this weekend with a camera and took pictures of the wildflowers currently blooming. This is our first spring in the house where we had winter rain, so it’s exciting to see what’s actually here without me even trying. It looks like there are plenty more that should be blooming in the next several weeks.


Verbena and Coreopsis

Crow poison (Nothoscordum bivalve)

Looks just like crow poison, but in a pretty shade of pink


Blackfoot Daisy

Bluebonnet - I cheated and recently planted this one

Can't find this one on the wildflower center's page. Each flower is tiny, about the size of your thumb nail.


I have so many windflowers (and they come in three colors) that they deserved several pictures.





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Blackfoot Daisy


I have tried to grow these again and again with no luck. This morning I was walking through the front yard, while planting, and came across this one. It is growing right at edge of the dry creek bed without a bit of decent soil. Maybe I’ve just been babying them too much all this time. Against all of my gardening instincts, I will be completely ignoring this one.

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