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Texas Betony
(Stachys coccinea)


(Lupinus texensis)


(Chrysactinia mexicana)


Scarlet Flax
(Linum grandiflorum rubrum)


Lyre Leaf Sage
(Salvia lyrata)


Jerusalem Sage
(Phlomis fruiticosa)


Prairie Fleabane
(Erigeron strigosus)


Ajuga reptans ‘Mahogany’


(Aquilegia chrysantha)


Bicolor Iris
(Dietes bicolor)


Four Nerve Daisy (Tetraneuris scaposa)


(Callirhoe involucrata)


(Borago officinalis)

Blanket Flower
(Gallardia x grandiflora ‘Fanfare’)



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Bloom Day 4/18


The spring has been very chilly so far, which is stalling many of the usual April bloomers. The roses aren’t complaining though. This is their best showing to date.

Belinda’s dream is stunning, and smells heavenly, but I am really loving Peggy Martin being the perfect shade of flamingo pink! All of the roses are repeat bloomers, which is a requirement in my garden.


Bluebonnets are still going strong. They start at least a week later in my garden than some parts of town. I think it’s due to the gravely soil, and no additional water.


Silvery-blue agave with bluebonnets, what a combination!


The columbines have also loved the mild spring. They have hung on weeks longer than last year. I am loving how this bed is filling in. I had been unhappy with it for some time, but all it needed was the removal of 3 pale pink pavonias that were extremely happy, but poorly placed.

A few other bloomers.

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These beauties can always be counted on in the middle of winter when nothing else is blooming!

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Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day the 15th for each month.

Here is what’s blooming in my garden.

The Roses …

The Rise N Shine rose is especially happy since I moved it to a pot. It used to be shadowed by the Livin’ Easy rose where it succumbed to fungus and rarely bloomed.

The Lantana …

The Wildflower Meadow …


The rest …

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I missed bloom day this month, but have plenty worth posting.

Pineapple Guava

Pineapple Guava

Pineapple Guava

Pineapple Guava


Grandma's Yellow Rose

Grandma’s Yellow Rose

Celestial Explosion Iris

Celestial Explosion Iris

Eggplant Flower

Eggplant Flower

Livin' Easy Roses

Livin’ Easy Roses

Butterfly Iris

Butterfly Iris

Red Yucca -- first year these haven't been completely (only mostly) devastated by deer

Red Yucca — first year these haven’t been completely (only mostly) devastated by deer







Cafe Bleu Iris

Cafe Bleu Iris

DSC_0099 DSC_0095


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