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All About Location

Turk’s Cap

All summer I’ve been battling the Turk’s Cap, just to keep it alive. I didn’t realize when I planted it this spring that it was going to get just a little too much sun. As soon as the weather broke I transplanted to a slightly shadier spot. Within a few days, blooms! The new location has dappled sun in the morning and afternoon, only getting sun when it is directly overhead.

This is a new bed I created by ripping out the overgrown ruelias. I also planted pigeon berries. Last time I planted them in the front yard, and the deer gobbled them up.

Fall Aster

This is my third try at Fall Aster. I’ve never gotten flowers. I think it was the opposite problem, too much shade. I planted this one in the spot vacated by the Turk’s Cap. This spot gets shade in the early morning and late afternoon, but sun for several hours in the middle of the day.

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This is only our second fall at our current house. The first fall followed an extreme drought, so nothing came up. This fall I am finding all kinds of surprises in the garden. I seem to get a combination of natives and a little bit from the previous owner (who clearly had neglected it for a few years).

Sea of Oxalis.

Morning Glory climbing up the vegetable garden cage.



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