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One Week Chick Update

The chicks are a week old today, so it’s a good time for an update.

Cutest picture ever. I told my daughter she should enter this in the TCYS contest next year.

The chicks now go out with their mommas every day foraging.

Shirley with chick

We were worried at first, but the mommas are so protective. One of them actually attacked one of the ducks that got too close to her chicks yesterday.

Fancy with chicks

They can’t get back up the ramp, so we help the chicks back into the coop at night.

Priscilla’s chicks

Originally Fancy had 3 chicks and Priscilla had 2, but maybe Fancy realized that 3 were just too many to handle. She gave one of the chicks to Priscilla. The chick she gave away also looked very similar to Priscilla’s chick, so maybe it was easier than trying to figure out whose was whose.

Look at the fuzzy feet on this pure bred brahma

I added in this photo, just because I have no idea how my daughter managed to get our rooster to look like a lobster.

Lobster Chicken

Many of the photos were taken by my daughter, Aspen.

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Poultry Yard Extension

Front View

It’s gotten to the point that we can no longer call it the chicken yard. With 9 ducks and 3 turkeys, poultry yard is a little more accurate. With all this poultry, it also means we needed more space. This weekend we built out an additional 40X40 space. We were able to finish in one day thanks to help from our friends Joan, Noah, and Logan!

Turkey Coop

We decided to go with a ready-made dog kennel for the turkey coop. We just need to add a roof and build a little shelter inside for them and we’ll be able to move them in.

View from inside

Once we secure the gate, we’ll be able to knock down this wall and the ducks and chickens will have free range. They’ll love it since there is actually a little green growing on this side.

Just for fun I took an updated picture of my backyard garden. I just removed the parsley and dill on Saturday, so wanted to have a comparison shot.

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