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Marshal Dillon Update

I haven’t posted pics of my puppy in over 6 months. He is still a puppy, even if he doesn’t look like one. This weekend he had a playdate with Bailey and Bandit of GardenAlly. The size difference was pretty incredible, so I was amazed at how well they got along.




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Meet Marshal Dillon.

He is our new Great Pyrenees puppy. I have been strongly against getting a new puppy, even though the family has been begging for the last few months.


This breed finally made me give in. He is practical and adorable, how can I resist. Great Pyrenees are protectors, and this little guy (who will get MUCH bigger) will eventually guard our entire flock, whatever that may be, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, lamb — you get the idea.

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Goodbye My Loyal Friend

ImageWe put our sweet puppy Bean to sleep yesterday. He spent many beautiful days out with me in the garden. After 12.5 years with our family,  we will miss him terribly.

ImageToday we planted “Little Buckaroo” in his memory. 

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