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New Flower Bed


Summer is winding down, and my computer situation is all fixed, so time to start blogging again.

I’ve been unhappy with the back yard. It just needed something. I thought about a patio, but after having my ideas priced out, I realized that wasn’t a good option. Also, I wanted to stick with a natural look. I had been expanding the beds around the trees, but they still just seemed undersized. Finally I decided to connect all of the beds together.



I also added different sections of stepping stones. The Great Outdoors recently starting stocking these great aggregate stones in various shapes/sizes.


The turkeys flew over the fence to  critique my mulching technique.


Of course Carl wasn’t to be left out of the fun.


I’m also edging out the iris bed to fully enclose the grass.


This section still needs to be weeded and stepping stones added.


New bed from another angle.

Plants in the new bed so far: Royal Red Butterfly Bush (which is not red – but purple), coneflowers, mint marigold, firecracker fern, red salvia, new gold lantana, bat-face cuphea, betony

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I missed bloom day this month since I had just returned from a trip to Washington DC / Virginia. I thought I’d post a few pics anyway, since there’s been some good stuff happening in the garden.

Sweet Potato Flower

Bat-Face Cuphea

Bat-Face Cuphea

Cosmos – 
I got this flower from the horticulture club at my daughter’s school.

This plant was in the backyard last year and didn’t do well. It was too shady and only produced one flower. This spring we moved it to the front yard and the results are awesome.


Lantana – Finally blooming

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