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Most vegetables are pretty easy to freeze, the most important thing to determine is whether the particular vegetable needs to be blanched and for how long.

Here is site which gives the times for various vegetables.


The first step is to wash and peel the carrots. Make sure all carrots are in good condition and do not have large cores.


Slice into 1/4 to 1/2 inch pieces.


Bring water to a boil and blanch carrots for 2 minutes. Place carrots in ice water bath.


Drain carrots. Even drained, it is difficult to get rid of all of the moisture. Since I use a Foodsaver, I par-freeze the carrots on a cookie sheet before individually packaging and freezing.


Label and Freeze the packages.

I will use the carrots in marinara, stir fries and soups.

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>At the end of each season of vegetable gardening I like to put what I learned. My lessons this year tie in to my goal of being able to eat from my garden all year round.

For my birthday a month or so ago my husband bought me a freezer. This may sound strange to some, but I was so excited. I immediately envisioned freezing peppers, tomatoes, green beans and okra. I didn’t think of spinach, carrots and onions. I didn’t consider the winter garden as a source that I would draw from all year until now. I had to clean out the carrot bed to plant the peppers, and the onions to plant the green beans. Well, it was more than we could eat so I looked into how to freeze them. Onions are extremely easy, just chop and freeze. (I use my new Foodsaver, which I highly recommend). Carrots were a bit more work since you have to add blanching to the process. It still only took my an hour or so to do 4 batches. I plan on doing the spinach this week, so I don’t know the details yet.
This leads back to what I learned … I use carrots, onions, and spinach all year round and as plants go, they really don’t take up too much room. Cauliflower and broccoli, on the other hand, take up huge amounts of space and aren’t really a family favorite. Next winter I’ll be changing my mentality to year round eating rather than trying to plant some of everything. I plan on having 2-3 beds of carrots 1-2 beds of spinach and other greens. Kohlrabi and radishes are also small, and would be great to freeze and add to all sorts of summer dishes. We love cabbage and brussel sprouts, so they’ll make the cut, but in limited quantities.
I did a poor job of preserving my winter herbs as well. The cilantro has already bolted and been pulled. The parsley is just about finished. Next winter I really should pick and dry enough to use throughout the summer months.
Types of veggies I liked and didn’t
– Purple Haze – Yum! My ultimate favorite and so pretty
– Carnival – Don’t like the white ones, not great flavor, won’t do again
– Golden – They don’t stain and taste just like the red, need I say more? I will only be planting golden beets.
– Multicolored – Purple and Green are really pretty for Crudite, but not so great for mashing. They do taste just as good as the white.
– I’ve only had luck w/ leaf lettuce.

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