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I have grown fennel for several years, but have never eaten any. I always leave it in the garden way past it’s prime for the butterflies. It is a host plant for the Eastern Black Swallowtail. Here are the stages I’ve seen in the last few days.





Unfortunately, another visitor has been the red wasps who seem to like the caterpillars 😦

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All season I’ve been watching a green spider that’s been hanging out in the basil. I’ve learned to appreciate spiders, so I didn’t bother her. A few weeks back I noticed a nest and hundreds of baby spiders that had hatched. Here’s some cool pics I took. You can even see momma watching over her babies.
I also saw this great butterfly in the zinnias last weekend. Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing any more anytime soon, since the cold weather killed off the last of the zinnias.

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