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I don’t know why I didn’t discover it until now. What’s not to love about a plant that produces lots of tiny pink butterflies? I’ve seen white as well, but it doesn’t have the same pop as the pink.

Pink Gaura

When I planted the gaura this spring I just liked the foilage. I had no idea it would be so pretty. I have this plan in mostly sun. It gets some shade in the afternoon.

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Blackfoot Daisy


I have tried to grow these again and again with no luck. This morning I was walking through the front yard, while planting, and came across this one. It is growing right at edge of the dry creek bed without a bit of decent soil. Maybe I’ve just been babying them too much all this time. Against all of my gardening instincts, I will be completely ignoring this one.

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I missed bloom day this month since I had just returned from a trip to Washington DC / Virginia. I thought I’d post a few pics anyway, since there’s been some good stuff happening in the garden.

Sweet Potato Flower

Bat-Face Cuphea

Bat-Face Cuphea

Cosmos – 
I got this flower from the horticulture club at my daughter’s school.

This plant was in the backyard last year and didn’t do well. It was too shady and only produced one flower. This spring we moved it to the front yard and the results are awesome.


Lantana – Finally blooming

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