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Fresh Coat of Paint


Found these at an Estate Sale for $5, in a faded white. A pop of color is all this back wall needed. As an added bonus, I can see them from the kitchen window.


The flamingos had faded to a pale pink, and were getting lost in the sea of roses. Now they’re back.

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I love free! Last weekend my husband picked up these great finds out on the curb with a big sign marked “FREE”. He knows to grab anything metal, that I’ll gladly paint it and find a place for it.


I was very excited by the arbor, but where to put it? I had been thinking about making a fairy garden on the side yard in front of the house. I have planted several small trees / large shrubs and was thinking of making a pathway with blue crushed glass (to look like a small creek). I thought this arbor would be the perfect entrance. This morning I added some black and blue sages as well.


He also found this metalwork. I plan to paint it “Peacock Blue” to match the shutters and seating area.

What a great husband I have!

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I was helping my friends work on the gazebo again today out in Granger. I arrived a little early and walked through the creek looking for treasure. I found 8 bottle of different shapes and sizes. Most of them are clear with a few brown ones mixed in. I plan on looking again next time to see what else I can find. From what I hear,  there used to be an old stagecoach stop down the creek and the patrons used to toss their beer bottles into the creek. 

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