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>Argh! Austin Weather!

>I have to say I am a little irritated this morning. It felt a little chilly so I checked the weather. There is a change of a light freeze tonight. It is April 6th. This just isn’t right. Yesterday I cleaned up all of my garden stuff. Put my row cover neatly away, along with all of the skewers I use to stake it down and clothespins I use to attach it to the tomato cages. Now I have to get everything out again. Also, my plant are much taller now, so I had to buy some larger skewers (last time I used short bamboo ones) to prop the row cover above the plants. Luckily, Central Market had them on clearance so I bought a bunch. I hope my newly planted melons survive the night.

Alright, enough whining. At least it’s not snowing, like it has been in Seattle for the past week.
Things could always be worse 🙂

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