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>Zucchini Everywhere!


I’ve heard that zucchini grows like crazy, but I really had no idea. I don’t think you can understand until you witness it yourself. I’ve been checking the squash plants every morning and everything looks fine, then I check again in the evening and the each zucchini is twice the size and suddenly there are huge ones that I swear weren’t there that morning. Needless to say, our friends should be well stocked with zucchini this year.
The rest of the garden is also doing well. The peppers have finally taken off. I really think it was just to cold for them. I don’t have peppers yet, but the plants have doubled in size this last week and I can see the makings of blooms.
 The first tomatoes appeared this week as well, sun gold variety. The rest of the tomato plants all have blooms, so things are moving along nicely. 
I spent some time looking through the garden and found aphids on many of the pepper leaves. The ants had already beat me to them and were chomping away. I was able to smash and brush away the rest of them. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn into a bigger problem. I’m glad I spotted them early.
I also replanted zinnias. I planted them several weeks ago, but that late cold spell took them out. The new ones are much prettier anyway.


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