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First Tomato


My first tomato was the very beautiful and tasty heirloom, Violet Jasper. This is my first year growing it, and from the package it is a great producer. I have gotten 8 in the last week.

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Cuteness Meter at 11

Between the ducklings and chicks there is just way to much cuteness going on!

Paddling Away

Looking for Fish?

The ducklings are getting big so fast. They are already bigger than the chicks, who are a week older. This past weekend we let them go for their first swim in the bathtub. They took to it immediately.

Grabbing a quick drink

Just like humans, the baby chicks are the first ones up in the morning. I’m sure the mommas are wishing they could sleep for just 15 more minutes 🙂

Two of Fancy’s chicks, and one of Priscilla’s

All the mommas working together to find food for the babies

All three mommas work together to take care of the chicks. It’s so cute to watch the group of them. I can’t see ever having less than two hens hatch chicks at a time.

Momma got a little over zealous with the digging


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