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Meet Marshal Dillon.

He is our new Great Pyrenees puppy. I have been strongly against getting a new puppy, even though the family has been begging for the last few months.


This breed finally made me give in. He is practical and adorable, how can I resist. Great Pyrenees are protectors, and this little guy (who will get MUCH bigger) will eventually guard our entire flock, whatever that may be, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, lamb — you get the idea.

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Collecting Carrot Seeds


One of my next garden steps is to collect my own seeds. I can do the easy ones, okra/beans/peas, but am trying to branch out to the more difficult ones. When my carrots started flowering this spring it seemed reasonable to let them go and gather the seeds. This week I just read in my seed sowing book and reverified online that it takes 2 seasons for carrots to develop seeds. Are you kidding?

Now I have to decide if I want to forget the whole experiment or take the time to store the carrots until fall and replant them just for seeds. Had I known it was this big of a process I would have planned more carefully on choosing the variety, or at the very least kept track. I’m thinking I may just pull them and be done with it. At least the rabbits and chickens will like them.

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I have grown fennel for several years, but have never eaten any. I always leave it in the garden way past it’s prime for the butterflies. It is a host plant for the Eastern Black Swallowtail. Here are the stages I’ve seen in the last few days.





Unfortunately, another visitor has been the red wasps who seem to like the caterpillars 😦

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I am getting lemon cucs, but not a ton of them yet. I ended up going to the farmers market and buying 7 lbs of cucs. I made 3 quarts of dill pickles and 6 pints of my favorite sweet and salty pickles. The later is my own accidental recipe.

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This one should be a little easier to spot than the last one, but pretty cool just the same.


We were sitting in the adirondacks again, man do I look lazy lately 🙂 I got up to show my friend how pretty the sage flowers are and when I sat back down, I had this little guy on my toe. I thought it was a dry blade of grass until I saw him moving.

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