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I love free! Last weekend my husband picked up these great finds out on the curb with a big sign marked “FREE”. He knows to grab anything metal, that I’ll gladly paint it and find a place for it.


I was very excited by the arbor, but where to put it? I had been thinking about making a fairy garden on the side yard in front of the house. I have planted several small trees / large shrubs and was thinking of making a pathway with blue crushed glass (to look like a small creek). I thought this arbor would be the perfect entrance. This morning I added some black and blue sages as well.


He also found this metalwork. I plan to paint it “Peacock Blue” to match the shutters and seating area.

What a great husband I have!

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Tomatoes In


Most years I have already planted the tomatoes by now, but this spring has been very cold, and even this week is pushing it. The weather is predicted to be mid 30s and windy Wednesday night, but the veggies were getting too big, and had to go outside. I will be putting row cover over everything on Tuesday night.

This year I up-ed the tomatoes to 46. One major change, is that I decided to forgo Romas this year in favor of Juliets. I did a few of these last year, and found the production was much better, the flavor just as good, and they serve the same function as far as canning/sauces etc.

When starting seedlings I couldn’t find a sharpie, so told myself that I would mark the tomatoes later. Well later came and went and I forgot all about it. Needless to say, I have no idea which tomatoes are which, guess we’ll find out in a few months.

I planted 13 squash, 5 tatume, 5 zucchini, 3 scallop.

I planted 4 lufffa.

I planted 10 cucs. 2 gerkins, 2 lemon, 2 white, 2 straight 8 and 2 parisian pickling.

Elsewhere in the garden I still have



2 beds of greens

1 bed of carrots

1 bed of beets/kohlrabi/lettuce

1 bed of onions (red and yellow)

1 bed of garlic

Potato bags, The green all froze, so I’m hoping they are still alive down there.

1 bed that was snap-peas. I babied them all winter and they were finally starting to flower when we got another cold snap. I had them covered, but I think there was a hole in the row cover, since the next morning they looked like this.

In all, I planted 8 new beds today. The cool thing, is that I didn’t have to buy compost for any of them. I was able to use compost from the pile I’ve been working on. This is the first spring I’ve been able to say that.

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