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This weekend we were out at our friend’s lease in Llano. It is a beautiful piece of property, and one filled with photo-ops.


As we were returning from one of our walks, we came upon this flagpole with an old wagon wheel. I snapped several pictures, and then noticed something in the background I didn’t like, the garage.



Instead, to the right you see an incredible old shed.



Then a zoom in of the shed.


What about a picture of the shed through the wagon wheel?


Now let’s try blurry wheel and clear shed. Nope, both blurry.


Another try. Almost there, but not enough of the wheel.

I’ve been shooting with a Canon G9 for the past several years, the only decent camera I’ve ever owned. The point and shoot has been good to me, but when my friend handed me her Canon Rebel complete with lenses, I was able to get the shot in seconds (I still need to get a copy from her). I will now be saving for a new camera!


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I have finally updated the “Football” page with our trip to Charlotte.

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Eric is in the process of getting a new shop built. I should reap some benefits, starting with 2 new beehives! I asked the concrete guys to please leave me the rocks that they were digging up.


They obliged.

It’s hard to see the scale, but maybe these next pics will help. The two of us, with the help of a dolly, moved several rocks to my front bed. We didn’t even put a dent in the pile.

IMG_4634 IMG_4635 IMG_4636 IMG_4637

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