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And the winner is …

Mutabalis – My first rose bloom of the year


I fell in love with this rose bush when I visited a fellow bloggers garden.

She had hers shaped into a 5-6 foot tree and it was in full bloom, stunning.

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Flamingo Rose Garden – Update


My rose garden is really filling in nicely, and with the cooler weather the roses are blooming like crazy.


My original plan was to mulch with colored glass, but with the proximity to the pool, I determined that this was a bad idea. Instead I chose silver ponyfoot, which I hoped would give a similar look. Now that it has filled in, I am really happy.


I bought these two garden gates. I have given them a coat of white paint, to see what I think. Once I decide for sure on the color, I will probably take them in to get sand-blasted and powder coated.


I bought this first one at the Round Top Antique Fair.


I bought the second at the stained glass place near The Natural Gardener on Old Bee Caves. They get European antique gates every now and then.


I also had this overgrown sago palm that I had decided didn’t fit in and had to go. Before attempting to remove it, I cut back most of the fronds. Once that was completed, I don’t think it looks as bad. I may keep it, haven’t decided.

And now for the roses …

Cinco de Mayo

Marie Daly

Marie Pavie

Little Buckaroo

Martha Gonzales

Rise N Shine

Unknown — Any ideas? This was marked as Belinda’s Dream, but clearly not.

Unknown – Came with the House

Not blooming – Grandma’s Yellow, Belinda’s Dream

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Flamingo Rose Garden

There’s a spot by our pool that has been covered with unruly groundcover since long before we moved in. Since it’s right next to the pool we decided it was a perfect location to put pink flamingos, which my husband has a love for. Last summer, after being in the house for about 6 months I also noticed a random rose bush in the middle of it all. Well this year, I decided to expand and for my birthday last week I ripped out all of the groundcover and added in another 5 rose buses to complete the flamingo rose garden. Shouldn’t everyone have one of these??

I'm thinking of mulching with tumbled glass. Regular old mulch just doesn't seem good enough in this garden. Yes that's a tiki back there. Do you really have to worry about being tacky when you've gone this far?

I bought this one at The Great Outdoors just before Halloween. It was just too cute.

Martha Gonzales

Cinco de Mayo. I just couldn't pass this one up. She's so festive!

I'm not sure of the name of this rose. This is the one that was already in the garden.

I had to show a picture with scale. This is about 6 inches in diameter and about a quarter the size of the bush. It is really something.

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>Pruning the Roses


As most Austin gardeners know, Valentine’s Day is the time for pruning the rose bushes. Last sunday I cut back the Knockouts pretty significantly. I found these instructions in a flower gardening book, and I’ve used them for a few years now.

1. Cut back the smaller of any twisted canes
2. Cut out any canes smaller than a pencil
3. Cut back any dead canes
4. Thin out the bushes to give plenty of breathing room for new growth
5. Cut back the all canes by 1/3
I added number 4 myself after discovering how quickly the rose bushes recover. I was scared my first year that I had over-pruned, but they came back to over 6 feet tall by the end of the season.

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