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The onion tops were starting to wilt and falling over, so it was time to harvest. I have more onions this year than I’ve ever had and so I decided to try curing, which can extend the life of the onions/garlic for up to 6 months.



Step 1

Pull the onions and garlic from the beds and lay them out in the sun for 1 day. I made sure to wait until today to give time for the soil to dry out a bit from our rain last weekend.


Step 2

Braid the onions. I did these in groups of 3-6


Step 3

Hang the onions in a shady location where they get air circulation. I hung these under the front and back eaves.


My husband didn’t seem to happy about the string of onions at the front door, but we borderline live in the country, so why not.


Step 4

Lay out the garlic in a shady location. The garlic can be hung like the onions and vice-versa. Since I had less garlic I chose this option.

I am now supposed to leave these for 2-3 weeks if the temperature is 80. Since we will be at 90-95 it will probably take 1-2 weeks. I’ll update my progress.

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>Pruning the Roses


As most Austin gardeners know, Valentine’s Day is the time for pruning the rose bushes. Last sunday I cut back the Knockouts pretty significantly. I found these instructions in a flower gardening book, and I’ve used them for a few years now.

1. Cut back the smaller of any twisted canes
2. Cut out any canes smaller than a pencil
3. Cut back any dead canes
4. Thin out the bushes to give plenty of breathing room for new growth
5. Cut back the all canes by 1/3
I added number 4 myself after discovering how quickly the rose bushes recover. I was scared my first year that I had over-pruned, but they came back to over 6 feet tall by the end of the season.

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