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Last fall I transplanted several of the Cemetery White Irises to the front bed, along the drainage ditch. I decided that I’d like to add some color there as well, so put in large order to Schreiners.

I wrote down the order of planting, so in a few years when they are ready to divide, I’ll know what’s what.

Loop the Loop

Gold Galore

Cafe Bleu


Anvil of Darkness

Pinafore Pink

Blue Crusader

China Moon

Venetian Glass

Full Figured

Playing with Fire


Rock Star

Picasso Moon

Gaelic Jig

Deliciously Different


Mean Streak


Titan’s Glory

April in Paris

Fatal Attraction

Touch of Mahogany


Cornbread N Honey


Cleared for Takeoff

Celestial Explosion

Power POint

Let’s Roll

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As all Austin gardeners know, this has been a really rough spring.

Really cold winter, no rain, late freeze.

I was beginning to doubt whether anything was coming back this year. (I still have my doubts on quite a few plants) I walk around every day looking for some sign of spring, and here’s what’s blooming in my garden.







Aromatic Sumac

Aromatic Sumac



Unknown Native WIldflower

Unknown Native WIldflower

Grape Hyacinth - Finally!

Grape Hyacinth – Finally!





False Garlic

False Garlic

Striped WInecup

Striped WInecup

Lady Jane Tulip

Lady Jane Tulip

Cameo Flowering Quince

Cameo Flowering Quince

Cemetary Iris - Probably the only type that will bloom this year

Cemetary Iris – Probably the only type that will bloom this year

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When I ripped out the hedges a few months ago, the plan was to create beds that would provide interest all year long and require little maintenance/water.


I had a few plants already in place …

Spineless Prickly Pair, Purple Trailing Lantana, Society Garlic, Volunteer Red Autumn Sage, Seasonal Oxalis, Feather Grass


Dwarf Palmetto



I decided to go with the color scheme of the existing plants and keep everything in purple, yellow and red.

I added …


Butterfly Iris, similar to bicolor iris, but I really like the delicate flowers, and of course the color


Varigated Society Garlic


Desert Willow Tree


Buttercup Lantana


Hot Lips Salvia


Additional Rosemary

New Gold Lantana, Additional Society Garlic, Additional Feather Grass


The bed was already anchored on the one side with a good size pyracantha bush.


I anchored the other side with a Pineapple Guava.

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No More Hedges


I have decided that my main fall project is going to be the beds in front of the house.

Until yesterday afternoon there were boxwood hedges. Although they were healthy, the formal look of the hedges was not my style.


A few minutes with the chain saw and I now have a clean slate. Now the temperature just needs to drop by 20 degrees and I’m ready to go.

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Here is the before picture. This bed was here when we moved in and although it defines the space, I don’t really care for it. I really want to front yard to have a natural look. This weekend I took the stone down to the first layer and was able to make two additional beds.

Now that I have the beds in place I need some inspiration. I know I want drought tolerant plants that will receive quite a bit of sun. I am excited for the Garden Tour coming up this weekend. It is focused on water-wise gardening, so it should be a perfect fit.

I plan on putting in some dwarf fruit trees in the bed on the left. I hope to be able to squeeze in three, 1 peach, 1 apple, and the third is still up for debate.

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>Front Yard Update


I haven’t posted in a while, but it’s not because I’ve been avoiding the garden,
just too lazy to post. The last two weekends the weather has been beautiful so I’ve been
working on the front yard.

I dug out the bed on the other side of the front walk. (The first half I did over Thanksgiving break w/ my MIL). I filled the bed w/ mulch, society garlic, and “shasta” daisies. I’ve been wanting society garlic since I moved in 2 1/2 years ago and finally found the perfect place.
I took another trip to the cemetery on sunday morning for rocks. I added a border to the front yard to help w/ erosion. I also put a border around the new melon bed that I dug out. I am very sore from swinging that pick-axe!

Here are my new potato bags. I bought these from “Gardener’s Supply Company”.
I planted the potatoes 4 weeks ago.

Here’s the first sign of life in one of the potato bags. Thank goodness, I was starting to get worried. The paperwork I have says it takes at least 4 weeks, but I always worry until I see the first sprout. This is my first time growing potatoes so I’m excited to see how it works out.

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