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Garden Cage

Here’s one of the main reasons I’ve been MIA for the past several months. Moving to the country introduced me to the joys of gardening with wildlife. My original fence was deer and rabbit proof, but did nothing for the squirrels. I had to go back to the drawing board and come up with a design that included a roof to keep them out as well. Aside from puting in the 4x4x10 posts, we did the entire thing, my husband and I and a couple friend of ours. We are almost done, and will be by the time my tomatoes set fruit this spring. Our masterpiece is around 3000 sq ft.

The poles are all set in concrete. I originally planned on digging these myself, but after about 15 minutes of work I hired the guys at South Austin Fence to do it for me. They did a great job and were completely reasonable on price.

We used stucco mesh for the wire. It is a stronger gauge then poultry wire and much less expensive than other hardware cloth.

We had the posts set outside of the original cross fencing, that way I have a built in place for beans and peas to climb.

Back view

One of the poles inside of the cage. These are used to hold up the meshing that lays over the top.

Recent view of the cage, with the gates and most of the roof installed. We have about 2 work days left to completely finish.

I know we built the cage to keep critters out, but Davey lives inside. He's in a hutch of course, and he is a compost making machine.

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Flamingo Rose Garden

There’s a spot by our pool that has been covered with unruly groundcover since long before we moved in. Since it’s right next to the pool we decided it was a perfect location to put pink flamingos, which my husband has a love for. Last summer, after being in the house for about 6 months I also noticed a random rose bush in the middle of it all. Well this year, I decided to expand and for my birthday last week I ripped out all of the groundcover and added in another 5 rose buses to complete the flamingo rose garden. Shouldn’t everyone have one of these??

I'm thinking of mulching with tumbled glass. Regular old mulch just doesn't seem good enough in this garden. Yes that's a tiki back there. Do you really have to worry about being tacky when you've gone this far?

I bought this one at The Great Outdoors just before Halloween. It was just too cute.

Martha Gonzales

Cinco de Mayo. I just couldn't pass this one up. She's so festive!

I'm not sure of the name of this rose. This is the one that was already in the garden.

I had to show a picture with scale. This is about 6 inches in diameter and about a quarter the size of the bush. It is really something.

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